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Daisy-Safe Bundle with Smart 5-in-1 Pepper Spray

Daisy-Safe Bundle with Smart 5-in-1 Pepper Spray

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  • (1)    Smart 5-in-1 Pepper Spray by Plegium
  • (10)  Drink Spike Protection Coasters
  • (1)     Portable Door Lock
  • (1)     Doorstop Alarm
  • (1)     Portable Lockbox
  • (1)     Wristlet keychain. 

5 Smart Personal Safety items to level up your security at home and away in a single purchase!  Meticulously tested and chosen to enhance your safety on multiple fronts, no matter where you are.

Smart 5-in-one Pepper Spray by Plegium (1): one touch activates all 5 functions: maximum strength pepper spray with UV/red marking dye, a blinding LED strobe light to disorient attackers, a piercing 130dB alarm to draw attention to you, and instant GPS location texts and phone calls to your chosen emergency contacts. 

Drink Spike Protection Coasters (Set of 10): Offers a discreet, effective way to ensure your safety in social settings. These innovative coasters can detect the presence of GHB and Ketamine (2 common drugs used to spike drinks) helping you stay vigilant and make informed decisions when you are in a social setting.

Portable Door Lock (1): Simple to use, its heavy duty design adds another layer of security to any door, whether you are at home or traveling. A must for bedrooms, front doors, hotels & airbnbs.

Doorstop Alarm (1): Clever device that acts as a door wedge while simultaneously functioning as a security alarm. Emits a piercing siren when pressure is applied to the door, alerting you to any unwanted intruders and deterring them from entering.

Portable Lockbox Safe (1): Keep your valuables, medications, phone, etc. safe and secure while you are home or out and about. Perfect for dorms, camping, beaches, hotels, etc. This sturdy lockbox has a 3 digit combination lock making it easy to use and the perfect solution for giving you freedom from worry.

Wristlet Keychain (1): Also includes a wristlet keychain to keep this all in one ultimate protection at your fingertips while still keeping your hands free. 

Optional Professional Monitoring Service available with the Plegium Premium App – sends a continuous tracking link to a 24/7 call monitoring center that will contact first responders, additional emergency contacts, live audio stream/recording, enhanced dashboard. You can download it here:



State laws and restrictions prohibit us from shipping pepper spray to customers in the following states: NY, MA, HI, District of Columbia. Buyers are responsible for verifying applicable local, state, and federal laws. Buyers must be 18 years old and legally able to purchase and possess in the city and state being bought and shipped. Daisy-Safe LLC is not responsible or liable for using or misusing pepper spray.

Shipping Restrictions

Is Pepper Spray legal where I live?

Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but some states have conditions and restrictions in place. Does your state have specific restrictions? Read on to find out.

Note:  We are NOT ALLOWED to ship the Daisy-Safe 5-in-1 Smart Pepper Spray to NY, MA, HI, Canada, or Internationally 

Alaska: Pepper sprays and gels cannot be sold to minors. To carry on school property, the user must have permission and be at least 21 years old. 

Arkansas: Pepper spray and gel canisters cannot exceed 150 cc or 5.07 fluid oz.

California: Pepper sprays and gels cannot be sold to minors. Product canisters cannot exceed 2.5 fluid oz.

Delaware:  Pepper sprays and gels cannot be sold to minors.

Florida: Pepper spray and gel canisters cannot exceed 2 fluid oz.

Hawaii: The retailer must be licensed to sell pepper sprays and gels.

Illinois: Pepper sprays and gels cannot be sold to minors.

Maryland: Pepper sprays and gels cannot be sold to minors.

Massachusetts: A license is required to sell or carry pepper sprays and gels. Only licensed firearms dealers can sell pepper sprays and gels, and those ages 15 to 18 must obtain a firearms ID card in order to purchase.

Michigan: Pepper sprays and gels cannot contain more than 35 grams of CS, and also cannot contain more than 18% of oleoresin capsicum (OC). 

Minnesota: The seller must comply with local licensing requirements, if applicable in their area.

Nevada: Pepper sprays and gels cannot be sold to minors. Product canisters cannot contain more than 2 fluid oz. 

New Jersey: Pepper sprays and gels cannot be sold to minors. Product canisters cannot contain more than 0.75 oz. of chemical substance.

New York: Product canisters cannot contain more than 0.75 oz. and the strength cannot exceed 0.7% major capsaicinoids. Pepper sprays and gels can only be sold by licensed firearms dealers and licensed pharmacists. It is illegal to ship pepper sprays and gels to New York. Purchases must be made in person, with a maximum of two sprays per purchase.

North Carolina: Pepper spray and gel canisters cannot exceed 150 cc or 5.07 fluid oz.

Rhode Island: Pepper sprays and gels cannot be sold to minors.

South Carolina: Pepper spray and gel canisters cannot exceed 1.69 fluid oz.

Washington D.C. - A registration form must be completed at purchase, and the vendor must collect and forward the form to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Wisconsin - Pepper spray and gel canisters cannot exceed 2.0 fluid oz. and the OC content must be between 15 to 50 grams. The range of pepper sprays and gels must be within 6 to 20 feet, and all products must have a safety feature to prevent accidental deployment. Additionally, the product cannot be camouflaged or look like a non-pepper spray product. Pepper sprays and gels cannot be sold to minors.


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Important Information


How do I set up my Smart Pepper Spray with my phone?

Setting up your Daisy-Safe 5-in-1 Smart Pepper Spray with your phone is a quick and easy process. Here's how to do it:

  • Download the Plegium app from the App Store or Google Play. Follow the setup instructions in the app and make sure to grant the app permission to use Bluetooth and location services.
  • Connect your spray to the app by tapping "Add device" on the home screen, then entering the four-digit code found under the flip top safety lid. You can also add your device by going to Settings > Nearby Plegium Devices and finding your device in the list.
  • Add emergency contacts by clicking "Add contact" in the app and selecting up to 5 contacts from your phone's contact list. Your spray is now connected to your phone and ready to use.
  • To test all functions except the spray, use a sharp object to slide down the test switch on the side of the product for 10 seconds, then slide it back up. This will activate all features and send out alarms to your emergency contacts (so remember to let them know you are testing it).
  • Keep in mind that the Plegium app must be open for the location text messages and phone calls to function, it's enough that the app is in the background and the phone can be locked, but if you actively close ("kill") the app it will not be able to receive the signal from your spray that it has been fired.





Is a subscription required to use my device?

No, a subscription is not required to use your Daisy-Safe device. You can use the free Plegium app to add up to 5 emergency contacts who will receive free location text messages and phone calls if you ever trigger your pepper spray or alarm button.

However, we do offer an optional paid subscription called Plegium Premium, which includes additional safety features such as professional monitoring, live GPS tracking, an in-app panic button, and more. The cost for Plegium Premium is $4.99 per month, with a free trial available for one month.

What additional features does Plegium Premium offer?

Plegium Premium includes all the features of the free app, as well as the following:

  •     24/7 professional monitoring service that notifies first responders of your location in an emergency.
  •     Real-time GPS tracking, allowing emergency contacts to track your location until you are safe.
  •     An in-app panic button, allowing you to send out alarms directly within the app without needing the device.
  •     A live updated alarm log, giving your emergency contacts access to real-time updates of your alarms.
  •     The ability to add up to 7 emergency contacts.
  •     A test mode, allowing you to test alarms without worrying your emergency contacts.

Are my emergency contacts required to download the Plegium app?

No, your emergency contacts do not need to download the app to receive emergency alerts.

What will the emergency alerts look like if I trigger my device?

When you trigger your DaisySafe 5in1 Smart Pepper Spray or your DaisySafe Smart Emergency Button, your emergency contacts will receive a phone call with a message stating your name and that you have fired your pepper spray.

They will also receive a text message with a Google maps link showing your location at the time the pepper spray was deployed. This allows your emergency contacts to quickly and easily locate you in case of an emergency.