Daisy Safe Bundle Set Up and Instructions

Daisy Safe Smart Pepper Spray or Smart Emergency Button:

Setting up your Daisy-Safe 5-in-1 Smart Pepper Spray or Smart Emergency Button with your phone is a quick and easy process. Here's how to do it:

  • Download the Plegium app from the App Store or Google Play. Follow the setup instructions in the app and make sure to grant the app permission to use Bluetooth and location services.
  • Connect your spray to the app by tapping "Add device" on the home screen, then entering the four-digit code found under the flip top safety lid.
  • If you have a Smart Emergency Button the code will be on the back
  • You can also add your device by going to Settings > Nearby Plegium Devices and finding your device in the list.
  • Add emergency contacts by clicking "Add contact" in the app and selecting up to 5 contacts from your phone's contact list. Your spray is now connected to your phone and ready to use.
  • To test all functions except the spray, use a sharp object to slide down the test switch on the side of the product for 10 seconds, then slide it back up. This will activate all features and send out alarms to your emergency contacts (so remember to let them know you are testing it).
  • Keep in mind that the Plegium app must be open for the location text messages and phone calls to function, it's enough that the app is in the background and the phone can be locked, but if you actively close ("kill") the app it will not be able to receive the signal from your spray that it has been fired.

Daisy Safe Coasters:

Read carefully before using the DaisySafe drug detecting coaster:
How the test strip is performed:

  • Use both test spots on one side of the coaster to fully test your drink.
  • Make sure both test spots are dry, and free of condensation from the drink container.
  • Place drops of the beverage to be tested onto each spot using a swizzle stick or even one's finger.
  • Rub, gently. Do not mix the chemicals from each spot together. They should remain separated for best results. Wait until dry.

The test strip can take a few minutes to dry and get a result, be patient. If either spot turns to a DARK BLUE COLOR, a positive test result has occurred.

Many colored beverages will impart a slight hue to the test spots, this is not a positive result.

Tap water and certain mineral waters may impart a transient blue hue to the test spots while the test is drying. this is not a positive result, and should dissipate when dry.

When in doubt with any beverage, always discard. Always use common sense and NEVER LEAVE DRINK UNATTENDED.


Daisy-Safe Portable Lockbox

To open the lockbox: Pull out the hidden safety rope from the rear side. Set the combination lock to the default combination (Original password 0-0-0). Press the round button above the combination lock. Pull out the safety rope at the front end.  Open the lid flap.

Locking the lockbox: Put your valuables inside the lock box. Close the lid then pull the safety rope from the rear and insert it into the opening above. Set the combination lock to a different combination to avoid unauthorized access.  Lightly tug the safety rope to ensure that the lockbox has been locked.

Changing the number combination: Open the lockbox. Find the small joystick on the inside of the lock box and move it diagonally upwards. Set your own new combination. Return the joystick to its original position. Pull out the safety rope from the rear and insert it into the opening above. The password change is complete.